Keto Cold Coffee!!!

Perfect Keto/Low Carb Cold Coffee to beat the summer heat and you need only 4 ingredients to make it. This cold coffee recipe gives a nice frothy layer on top much like the cold coffee you get in Indian Cafe outlets. Serves: 2 Ingredients: Coconut Milk – 200 ml Water – 100 ml Coffee Powder … Continue reading Keto Cold Coffee!!!

Keto Green Smoothie!!!

Green smoothies are a healthy way to drink or replace a meal. Get your daily dose of dark leafy greens any time of day with this delicious Keto/Low Carb green smoothie. Serves: 2 Ingredients: Spinach – 15-20 leaves (a handful) Coconut Milk (I used Dabur) – 200 ml Frozen Strawberries – 2 Peanut Butter – … Continue reading Keto Green Smoothie!!!